We partner with various organizations and women in leadership, organize conferences and workshops to share and learn from each other's experiences. Learn, Empower, Guide & Influence. These are critical attributes for a successful leader. Our sessions bring successful leaders that can make an impact on you by sharing their stories. You will work on real life case studies with simulations, techniques and tactics. Gain insights from our speakers who will challenge your assumptions, confront your fears, and turn obstacles into opportunities. You will have the opportunity to experience and share this all in the company of other dedicated, successful and daring women to create a personal and professional network you can leverage throughout your career. You will learn and understand the perceptions, behaviors, stereotypes, and how to transforms those empirical results into effective strategies and solutions.

We will focus on topics that help growing entrepreneurs and young adults who are the crossroads of determining their career paths. These include - team effectiveness, power and relationships, influence, social networks, work-life balance, realizing your passion, determining career path . These are the most essential skills you need to enhance your power, navigate and lead in your workplace and your personal life.

The participants will interact with each other in both formal and informal settings. The topics will be chosen based on the input and voting from the committee members. The speakers from related field are invited to share their experiences. The participants will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and also share their own views and experiences with others through group discussions.

How do we achieve this?

We believe that women who can run a home and keep the family together, have a natural ability to lead a group, institution and even the world! It’s a matter of acquiring the right tools and techniques to succeed as leaders.

"Those that dare to dream can only dare to lead"

Our Belief

Create a global network of women in leadership from all facets of life, share experiences to Inspire, influence, engage and empower one another to become successful leaders.

SHARE your SUCCESS story

Share your story, learn from others experiences and build your network.

Our Mission